We use a combination of federal and state systems for planning, measuring our performance, and ensuring accountability. We set goals based on traffic safety data, and measure or progress toward those goals.


Set our priorities and goals: Target Zero: The Plan (pdf 5 mb).
Create an annual Highway Safety Performance Plan based on Target Zero.
Focus on the highest traffic safety priorities, based on current data.
Decide how we will measure our performance.

Allocate our resources based on Target Zero priorities and goals.
Invest state and federal funds through our annual funding process
Remove some projects to make room for higher priority work.
Set meaningful, realistic performance targets.

Reorganize the agency based on Target Zero priorities.
Use the Results Washington process to measure our performance.
Engage agency staff, our partners, and our stakeholders in improvement processes.
Integrate our management priorities into our performance plans and job descriptions.
Manage our day-to-day operations according to the plan.

Improve our data collection systems to improve our analyses and responses.
Analyze crash and injury data from multiple perspectives to better track results.
Create action-oriented reports that support our priorities.
Get feedback from staff, partners and stakeholders so we can refine our plan.

Based on steps 1–4, make decisions and act.
Continually refine our Results Washington process by asking critical questions.
Build an agency culture that values the Results Washington process.
Document our progress so we can tell others about our results.

Evaluate our performance and use of resources monthly. Use process-improvement reviews to refine our business practices, improve planning, implement best practices, create strong working relationships, and use technology more effectively. Make timely course corrections.

Share our results with the Governor, the legislature, citizens, partners and stakeholders.
Enhance communication using our website.
Partner with the media to communicate our results.
Include the evaluation of our communication strategies in our Results Washington process.

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