Jul 2014 18

Seat Belts & Occupant Protection

Young Drivers | Comments (2)

Television ad produced by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission showing the importance of always wearing a seat belt. The real-life consequences of a collision are explained through the eyes of a crash investigator.

Jul 2014 18

Young Drivers

Young Drivers | Comments (1)

Educational video produced by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. Provides important information to teen drivers and their parents/guardians about Washington’s Intermediate Driver License (IDL) requirements.

Jul 2014 11

2014 PTA Child Passenger Safety

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Many top notch, dedicated parents think that they’ve done their job when they get their child to simply buckle his seat belt, but until a child is 4’9” tall, the seat belt doesn’t fit correctly and a child could be ejected from the vehicle in a collision or suffer severe internal injuries or a broken […]

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