We strive to increase our 95% daytime seat belt use rate, improve nighttime seat belt use, and instill the habit of buckling up in teens.

Seat belt use – Click It or Ticket

We fund and coordinate the Click It or Ticket seat belt campaign. Click It or Ticket increases law enforcement patrols on the road and uses ads, posters, road signs, and news stories to remind everyone to buckle up.

Nighttime seat belt use

The traffic death rate at night is four times higher because there’s more impaired driving, speeding, and negligent driving, and less seat belt use. We’ve made special Nighttime Seat Belt Enforcement (NTSBE) patrols a part of Click It or Ticket.

Teen seat belt use – Click It and Ticket

We developed the Click It and Ticket Teen Seat Belt Project to reinforce the buckle-up message to young drivers. Teens are a high-risk group that has the lowest rate of seat belt use. State Farm Insurance helps fund projects in which high school students give “ticket” rewards to classmates who use seat belts.

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