Driving faster than the speed limit — or too fast for conditions — accounts for more than a third of all deadly crashes in Washington.

We develop and fund projects that prevent serious injuries and deaths through education and enforcement of the speed laws.

Enforce speeding laws

We fund high-visibility law enforcement programs, like Slow Down or Pay Up, that are designed to discourage speeding.

Educate the public

We target messages to teach drivers the risk of driving above the posted speed or too fast for conditions. We also encourage drivers to visualize the distance required to stop when traveling at relatively low speeds..

Partner with other agencies

We work with state and local law enforcement on state highways, county roads, and city streets and with Target Zero Managers on projects that reduce speeding in high-crash areas and corridors.

Provide law enforcement equipment and training

We provide grant money for law enforcement to purchase radar and laser radar (lidar) and we encourage radar/lidar training through the Criminal Justice Training Commission.

Jerry Noviello – Program Manager


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