Traffic records provide information that drives traffic safety program and policy decisions. These records include everything from traffic tickets and crash reports to injury and court records.

The Traffic Records Committee

We help coordinate the work of the Washington Traffic Records Committee (TRC), a forum for all the state and local agencies that create and use traffic records. Its goals include:

  • Using technology to improve the collection, dissemination, and analysis of traffic records data
  • Making it easier for state agencies to share data efficiently
  • Providing a statewide forum for coordinating multi-agency projects
  • Promoting the value of traffic records and encouraging training to help agencies use the data in decision making

TRC projects

We conduct projects to make traffic records more accurate, more timely, and easier to use. They include:

  • eTRIP (Electronic Traffic Information Processing) – Officers write traffic tickets and create crash reports on laptops that send information electronically to state and local agencies.
  • Other TRC projects are found in the Traffic Data Systems section of the Highway Safety Plan.


Program Contact

Debi Besser – Program Manager


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