Chapter 28A.220 RCW

RCW Sections

28A.220.010 Legislative declaration.
28A.220.020 Definitions.
28A.220.030 Administration of program -Powers and duties of school officials – Administration of knowledge and driving portions of driver licensing examination.
28A.220.040 Fiscal support — Reimbursement to school districts — Enrollment fees — Deposit.
28A.220.050 Information on proper use of left-hand lane.
28A.220.060 Information on effects of alcohol and drug use.
28A.220.070 Rules.
28A.220.080 Information on motorcycle awareness.
28A.220.085 Information on driving safely among bicyclists and pedestrians.
28A.220.090 Condensed compliance reports — Second-class districts.
28A.220.900 Purpose.

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