Campaign to Highlight “Drive High, Get a DUI”

Extra Summer DUI Patrols Kick Off July 1

(OLYMPIA, WA) With marijuana retail stores slated to open in early July, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) is launching a campaign to remind those planning on patronizing the new businesses that driving high is illegal. The campaign is called “Drive High, Get a DUI.”

The new messaging coincides with Summertime DUI emphasis patrols kicking off July 1 and will feature three 30-second television commercials. The Colorado Department of Transportation produced and aired the commercials in Colorado earlier this year as part of their efforts to combat high driving.

The ads show individuals attempting activities while high. On-screen text points out that while it’s now legal to do these things while high, it is still not legal to drive under the influence of marijuana. You can view the ads here:

Although Initiative 502 did not provide funding for public education prior to legalization, the WTSC believes this campaign is critical to preventing impaired driving.