A Welcome Message from Darrin Grondel, WTSC Director

Welcome to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission website.

It’s our mission to end traffic deaths and serious injuries in Washington by 2030. We’re partnering with law enforcement, government agencies at all levels, tribes, and communities to make Washington’s roads safe for everyone.

Washington State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero is the plan that guides our work. It enables us to make the best use of Washington’s traffic safety resources by focusing on top-level priorities. We’re addressing the major factors that cause traffic deaths, including impaired driving and speeding. In addition, we’re coordinating multi-agency efforts to improve Washington’s traffic records systems.

We base our decisions about priorities, goals and resources on the latest traffic safety data. You’ll find much of that data available on the website in report form. You’ll also find pages for each of the local Traffic Safety Task Forces in Washington. Coordinated by Target Zero Managers, these task forces are instrumental in promoting safe driving at the local level.

I’m proud to report that Washington remains well below the national average in traffic fatalities and we’re making significant progress toward our vision of zero traffic-related deaths and serious injuries in 2030.