Pedestrian Safety Advisory Council

Per RCW 43.59.155, a multi-disciplinary Pedestrian Safety Advisory Council (PSAC) will be convened. The purpose of the PSAC is “to review and analyze data related to pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries to identify points at which the transportation system can be improved and to identify patterns in pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries.”



[tab title=”Objectives”]

  • Support and enhance existing transportation safety efforts such as The Washington State Strategic Highway Safety Plan (i.e. Target Zero Plan) that aim to reduce and eventually eliminate transportation-related pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries in Washington State.
  • Using a data-driven approach, make recommendations regarding changes in statutes, ordinances, rules, and policies to improve pedestrian safety.

[tab title=”Approach”]

  • Use data to inform our understanding of contributing factors of collisions involving pedestrians and current countermeasures utilized to address them.
  • Evaluate existing data, identify and address gaps affecting pedestrian safety.
  • Leverage existing programs and strategies such as better incorporation of pedestrian safety in comprehensive planning and capital facility planning.
  • Recommend systematic and operational changes in how pedestrian safety is addressed in Washington: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, EMS, Evaluation, and Policy (i.e. legislative changes).


[tab title=”Links”]

  • Transportation Improvement Board’s Complete Streets Award (flexible funding for cities and counties that have adopted complete streets ordinances)

[tab title=”Contacts”]

Shelly Baldwin