WTSC Conducting Statewide Survey

The WTSC has partnered with Market Decision Research, LLC to conduct a statewide survey of traffic safety behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge. More than 30,000 households in Washington state have been selected to participate in the survey. Selected households will receive an initial invitation letter containing a QR code for completing the 15 minute survey online. Households that did not respond to the initial invitation letter will receive a follow-up postcard reminder, and another invitation letter with the same QR code. Households that choose not to complete the survey online will then receive a full copy of the survey with a postage-paid envelope to return the completed paper survey. If you are invited to participate in our survey, we really appreciate your responses! Responses to this survey will provide vital information on Washington’s traffic safety culture and on the effectiveness of our programs to save lives. Traffic fatalities are at an all time high and we need your help to improve our safety culture and make sure every person traveling in Washington reaches their destinations safely. Thank you for your support.