We research traffic safety issues, including measuring the impact and effectiveness of Washington’s traffic safety programs.

2016-2017 Distracted Driver Observation Surveys
Driver Attitudes, Knowledge, and Awareness Survey, 2012
Driver Attitudes, Knowledge, and Awareness Survey, 2011

Impaired Driving

Driver Toxicology Testing and the Involvement of Marijuana in Fatal Crashes, 2010-2014
Impaired Driver Work Group Report, 2013
Ignition Interlock 2009 Pilot Program Evaluation, 2012


Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Final Report, 2012
Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Interim Report, 2011

Seat Belts & Occupant Protection

Seat Belt Use Survey Report, 2016
Statewide Estimates of Child Restraint Use, 2014
Seat Belt Primary vs Secondary Law, 2005
The Last Five Percent, 2005

Pedestrians & Bicycles

Evaluation of Targeted Pedestrian Enforcement, 2003